Compassionate Bereavement Care

The Compassionate Bereavement Care (tm) provider certification is held 2-3 times per year. More information on how to apply, what others say about the program, and dates and locations is available here. There are 30 CEUs for qualified providers.

Compassion for Those Grieving

For providers, something to contemplate, and perhaps print, as a reminder of compassion and civic love for those suffering.

How to help when someone's child dies

Understand the difference between degrees of closeness with grieving families and how best to help when they are in mourning.

Care Guidelines for CBC Providers

Canons of providers trained in the Compassionate Bereavement Care (tm) method. If you are a grieving person, look for a provider who embodies these values.

Compassion Coupons

In case you need to remind others why they should be kind 

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