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Our Programs for Traumatic Grief


The MISS Foundation and the Center for Loss and Trauma offer a variety of programs for parents enduring the tragic death of a child from babies born still to adult children who die and from all causes of death. The MISS Foundation offers HOPE Mentors (Helping Other Parents Endure), family support packets, online support groups, and many other supportive programs at no cost for grieving parents. 


Here are just a few of our other programs:


Dr. Joanne Cacciatore's Rescue Horses Rescue People Program (tm) was started by her horse Chemakoh, a stallion that had been badly beaten, chronically starved, and worked excruciatingly long hours despite his near-death condition. You can watch his story here. His palpable trauma and nearness to death - and then his rehabilitation - helps humans suffering traumatic loss feel centered and connected and even hopeful. When you arrive at the Center for Loss and Trauma, you will meet Chemakoh, Toha Chuk, and Gonzala aka Gunny, our therapy horses. The degree to which you work through the horses is something we will discuss during our initial time together. 


Counseling and training are offered through our Compassionate Bereavement Care (tm) certified providers. Dr. Cacciatore both teaches meditation and does occasional intensives with grievers from around the world; however, her schedule is very full. Please send an email if you'd like more information.

Thank you for an incredible experience, life altering without a doubt, world changing.​ 

-Shannon Norberg, Midwife


Once a year, we host a retreat for traumatic grief, Sedona Selah. Selah is a four-day intensive residential retreat that helps foster full inhabitation of grief. 


The Kindness Project is a way for families to honor their children who have died. Founded in 1996 as one of the cornerstone programs of the MISS Foundation, parents and others can download free Kindness Project cards that they can use in their communities to help others, children, adults and animals, anonymously in honor of their child/children who died. Since 1996, we estimate that about two million Kindess Projects have been done all over the world! For more information visit this link.


Dr. Cacciatore is a consultant, meditation teacher, and public speaker who has presented at grand rounds, provided individual, hospital, and agency consulting and training all around the world, and presented at numerous conferences. Tens of thousands of physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, mortuary staff, first responders, and pastoral care providers around the world have listened to Dr. Cacciatore speak on issues related to traumatic death and grief.


What Others Say About Presentations

by Dr. Cacciatore


"I'm not exaggerating when I say that I believe this single day changed me for the better in so many ways. Thank you!"


"I wish she was available for every staff meeting on bereavement!"


"The single most amazing 4 hours of medical education I've ever had."


"Wow, Dr. Cacciatore was fantastic. I could have listened to her for a whole day,and still had so much to learn. Thank you so much for having her..."


"The best educational opportunity I've had as a neonatal nurse for more than 25 years. I will never forget what I've learned here."


"I'm a firefighter, and I was reluctant to take this class. Now I can't wait to hear her speak again."


"Engaging. Poignant. I laughed, I cried,and I felt things I've never felt before."


"Profoundly powerful teachings, thank you! Every doctor and nurse should be required to take this course."


"This changed my life and my practice forever!"


"The best speaker on this subject I've ever heard."


"I'm not the same person I was four hours ago."


"I will be a better nurse, better mother, and better human being after taking this seminar."


"I can't imagine why I never learned these thingsin med school. It will completely change my practice as a pediatrician."


"Arguably one of the finest, most vital, important, indelibly insightful coursesI have EVER taken!"


"Hands down the best class I've ever taken.I was exhausted yet never felt more alive during this course!"


"This course changed my life, both professionally and personally."


"I cannot say enough good things about this class. Her teaching style makes learning about a difficult topic easy. I thought this class would bring me down.Instead, its made me feel deeper things that I could have imagined."


"By far the most impactful (sic) graduate course I've taken... invites academic, emotional, and professional growth!"


"Just wow. I'd take it over and over againif I could!"


"Should be a required course for every person alive! Amazing!"




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Disclaimer: Phone sessions, lectures, workshops and seminars with Joanne Cacciatore, PhD are for educational purposes and in no way are to be considered medical treatment nor to replace care from your physician or health-care provider. By contacting us or attending a seminar, workshop, or other event, you acknowledge this disclaimer.




I don't have words to express the depth of gratitude that I feel for your amazing presentation today. Your knowledge, presentation style and compassion combined to "wow", and I heard nothing but the highest praise for you.


- Carrie Bradley, Executive Director

Bradley Center for Grieving Children

"Every word, every response, every 'teaching' mirrors what I believe is the calling for each 'chaplain' and what my heart pursues with each opportunity to serve others... whether the dying or the bereaved. Your work is life giving, soul work."


- Doug Overall, Chaplain

I just wanted to say thank you again... You have given me such a beautiful, wonderful gift...the ability to cry again. I feel so relieved to have someone tell me that it's okay to just feel and to cry. There is so much "shame" from society behind being vulnerable but you have shown me that really, being vulnerable is one of the most beautiful things I can do.Thank you for making me be a human again. I am forever indebted to you.

C.T., Student

I feel I've come alive... the sun is warmer, the sky is bluer, the birds sing louder. And yet, there is my grief, standing right beside me. Thank you for teaching me this. Thank you for standing with me until I could experience it for myself. Just, simply thank you.


-M.T.,  Bereaved mother