For Those Who Grieve: A Wish For 2017

January 2, 2017


May you rise strong out of the ashes
With the fire of loss in your belly 
and the tenderness of love guiding your heart.


May you carry that love with the ferocity of a warrior,
a love of extraordinary force that knows no boundaries, no limits.


May you bravely face the questions of others 
who do not and cannot know,
And with a mighty voice speak your truth,
And with quivering legs stand tall
And despite the fear in your heart, 
May you turn toward your own sage soul with reluctant trust.


May you feel held by the arms of others 
who have known this loss through history
And may the wisdom of the ages carry you in solidarity 
through all the dark nights you will face.


And when you fall, may you fall back into the shadow 
with compassion, courage, 
and the resolve to rise again. 


And again. And again.


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