Bearing the Unbearable: A "revolutionary" book

May 26, 2017

One day, one very tragic day, we will all be called to 'bear the unbearable.'


My newest book is out and shipping all around the world, the rights to it just purchased by Vietnam, and it brings tears to my eyes, breath to my soul, and warmth to my heart.


Bearing the Unbearable is the culmination of two decades of practice, research, and personal experience with traumatic grief.


And the greatest teachers of all are those beloved who died far too soon, leaving behind the shattered hearts of their families, and who, eventually, will show up in the world with fierce compassion and tenderness. 


For those of you all around the world who preordered, your books have shipped or will be shipping soon.


For those who haven't and wish to read it, you can order here for yourself or for someone you love who - sadly - has lost a beloved one.


I've included an excerpt from the book and some review excerpts from others.  


Please, share this widely and be sure this book gets into the hands and hearts of those who most need it. 










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