One Year Ago Today: A revolution began...

I wanted to share what happened a year ago today: A revolution of compassion for all those suffering trauma and grief began.


The first step? The Selah House Carefarm opened its pasture to rescue animals. The three rescued horses I had, along with the three rescued dogs, moved to the carefarm.Here's a video of Chemakoh, our Chief Equine Officer, coming off the trailer to his new incredible home.



What makes this even more incredible is the story of Chemakoh's rescue. That he even survived the torture and agony he suffered is... there aren't words. If you haven't watched it, you really should watch it here.


Many of us who watch these videos of him today still cry when we see how happy he is - and all the horses are - in their new digs. They've since been joined by two more horses, seven sheep, two more dogs, and Wilbur. Of course, Wilbur...


We had a vision for compassion, connection, and a place to grieve and remember.


We had a vision for grieving families to have a place to pause, reflect, and be held after catastrophic loss. 


Thank you for supporting us and loving our suffering humans and animals. For more information on how to get involved, visit this link.



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