I'm Dr. Jo, a tenured research professor at Arizona State University, founder of the international NGO the MISS Foundation, author of the award winning book "Bearing the Unbearable: Love, loss, and the heartbreaking path of grief", and a bereaved mom since the death of my daughter in 1994. 

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Areas of Practice and Research

Trauma, grief, carefarming, ecotherapy, cultural sensitivity, ahimsa, meditation and yoga

The grief resources I've listed are for grievers of all ages from all backgrounds as well as for family, friends, providers, and co-workers in communities. You'll find everything from helpful tips and articles on how best to support the bereaved, how to educate yourself to improve coping, and how to connect with others.

In addition, I've posted just a few of my published, peer reviewed research studies that are open access for the benefit of the public (for personal use only) and for provider education.

If you are a provider and would like to be certified in our Compassionate Bereavement Care (tm) model, our program runs twice a year. You can apply online for the next training, in person or via video streaming, and receive 30 CEUs.


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