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Compassionate Bereavement Care (tm) Provider Certification

Two times per year, I offer a four-day, intensive training program approved for 30 continuing education hours in Sedona, Arizona that also includes a visit to the Selah Carefarm


This training is based on an empirically tested mindfulness-based intervention for those suffering traumatic deaths through:

1) attunement skills, 2) building trust and safety in trauma, 3) therapeutic and culturally appropriate touch, 4) egalitarian and client-trauma centered practice, 5) nuanced intervention that focuses on trauma and culture, and 6) traumatic death education which includes neurophysiological changes in clients enduring traumatic stress.

"The most life-altering education I've ever had...both professionally and personally."  

-Mary Atwood, PhD

"It was the most wonderful and life transforming four days!" -Jane Jedwabny, RN

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Selah Grief Retreat

Once a year, we offer a four-day contemplative retreat toward fully inhabited grief for bereaved parents whose children have died at any age and from any cause with Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. Connect with other parents and learn how to cope with the rise and fall of grief as we miss, remember, and honor our precious children. 


Come, rest, breathe, just be…

Our beloved dead remain a part of us always. That means grief remains a part of us, and so does love.  – Joanne Cacciatore

Because of both the rurality and distance from medical services and the emotional intensity of the experience, this retreat is not recommend for pregnant mothers.

Compassionate Bereavement Care Yoga Provider® Certification

September 11, 2019

Sedona, Arizona


The CBC-Y® program combines the above approach with the science and philosophy of yoga. The training is based the novel, empirically tested mindfulness-based intervention of the ATTEND model—combining attunement, trust and touch, egalitarianism, nuance and death education—merged with Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga as well as teachings of the multiple branches of yoga including Jnana, Bhakti, Tantra, Karma, Raja, Hatha, and Japa. We will explore how yoga philosophy and science is reflected in the ATTEND model as well as how yogic science, philosophy and the teachings from various branches of yoga provide tools for both practitioner, provider and the bereaved to be with, surrender to, do with, and integrate grief. You will also learn and experience how the teachings and practices of yoga can ideally support clients enduring traumatic stress.

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