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Your Grief

Dear Grievers,

There are those who do not know and who cannot know this deep pain.

They are afraid of it.

They may tell you to ‘move on’.

They may tell you its not ‘normal’ to grieve this long.

They may tell you it’s part of ‘God’s plan’.

Your shattering makes them uneasy. Vulnerable.

Some may avoid you, others may pity you. But this is your grief.

No one else’s. Yours.

You have earned every single tear you shed.

Your emotions are yours, even on days you'd wish them gone.

Don’t let anyone take grief from you.

Through the grief – and the love – hold your head high, even when you are suffering most. Perhaps, especially, when you are suffering most.

Surround yourself with loving others.

Give yourself time to feel.

Because grief work is not for the faint of heart.

And one day, suffering endured will become compassion expressed.

- Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

Posted originally in January of 2015

********* Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider Certification The art of grief counseling informed by science

********* Artist William Bouguereau, All Souls Day

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